What is Kinesiology?

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Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Kinesiologists are graduates of a four-year bachelor’s program that specializes in multiple components of the human body; this includes anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology, and psychology.

A Kinesiologist has many different scopes of practice and are able to assist you in various ways. For example, they are great with exercise and fitness if you are looking to develop your physique. You can consider them a personal trainer for this aspect, but one who’s extremely knowledgeable. They also specialize in rehabilitation for injuries. They can help with pain relief and rehabilitation through different modalities including hands-on work, exercises and stretches, and treatment with various techniques including cupping, fascial blading, laser, and electro-therapy. They commonly work alongside physiotherapists in this aspect to help you recover.

Furthermore, you can often find Kinesiologists working with and treating chronic illnesses, workplace ergonomic design, and different settings such as clinical, sport, fitness, and everyday living. These practitioners are well-rounded, trained, and knowledgable individuals which can benefit you greatly!

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